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London Academy For Basketball Officials

The London Academy for Basketball Officials was founded in 2012 to develop, educate, support and retain basketball officials who officiate in the London area.


We have developed an in-house crew of tutors for referees' and table officials' courses; we support both referees and table officials in their development and assessments on and outside the court.  

Being a basketball referee is much more than simply knowing the rules of basketball and blowing a whistle on a court.  It's about taking that knowledge and applying it to real life games.  As part of educating officials in LABO, we aim to impart an understanding into things like game management and control, understanding the role of the referee, dealing with conflict on the court, gaining experience in handling challenging game play, keeping a cool head and being professional at all times.  Many of these things start with some simple theory.  However, the real learning comes with application of this knowledge on the court with real-life experience.

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