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Our Appointments Service

Who can use our service? 

If you are a London-based basketball club (BUC or local league) and are looking for Basketball England (BE) licensed officials for your games, you're at the right place!  London Amateur Basketball League can provide the service of appointing suitably qualified referees and table officials to a range of London basketball clubs including:

  • local leagues; 

  • sports colleges;

  • universities;

  • schools;

  • any other organisation in need of officials within the Greater London area. 


Our Service Model

We operate an appointments service model that has worked well in previous seasons spanning the last six years and comprises:

  1. A fairly large pool of officials who are registered with Basketball England;

  2. The creation of three groups of officials according the level of games they can officiate:

    • Pool 1: all levels;

    • Pool 2: U-16, U-14;

    • Pool 3: only school games;

  3. The rotation of officials whenever possible;

  4. Monitoring of officials' performance.

We aim to appoint qualified officials at least one week prior to scheduled games; however, due to the dynamic nature of officials' personal commitments, last minute changing of game times etc, appointments of officials may sometimes happen less than a week before the scheduled game.

Club Rep Responsibilities

Expenses & Fees

All of our appointed officials are paid a set fee according to the level and type of game, with travel expenses also being reimbursable. 

The latest fee and expenses structure is shown below: 

 <Officials Fee Table>

How do I get started?

We've made it even easier for first time users to get up and running so they can start using our Appointments service.  If this is the first time you'll be using our service, you'll need to get the club secretary or other suitable representative to:


  1. Register your basketball club / team with Basketball England - click here to register clubs/teams.

  2. Register players with Basketball England - click here to register players

  3. Read and agree to our latest LABL Appointments Policy - click here to download.

  4. Contact Us with your details including:

    • name of the team, competition name (e.g. British College Sports), name of other opposing teams to be played, the age group;

    • a statement to say you agree the LABL Appointments Policy terms and conditions, and

    • a full schedule of your games your club/team intends to play throughout the season which must include date/time and venue details.

  5. Once you receive a response from us stating that we agree to supply you with officials for your games, you should make yourself familiar with the Club Representatives' Responsibilities.


LABL uses an online matches and appointments portal called Assignr to show the game schedule for all the teams and any assigned officials.

Image by Sean Benesh

Club Representatives' Responsibilities

Once you are a registered user of our Appointments Service, we ask that club representatives check that their games are listed at least a week beforehand on our online portal (Assignr).

Should your game not be on the list, you must contact us straight away.


In the event we have difficulties sourcing officials for your game, we will contact you directly to let you know.

As a reminder to all club representatives:

1) Unlicensed Team Followers will not be allowed to sit on the bench.

All Team Followers (i.e. a player, coach, assistant coach etc) who want to sit on the bench will need to be licensed by EB and be in possession of their licence at all games for inspection by the Table Officials and Referees.

2) We unfortunately cannot supply just the one official to last minute games.  

We require agreement that LABL supply both officials to the games and that clubs provide us in advance a fixtures list detailing the type of competition, the venue, the date and the time of the match.


3) We cannot guarantee to provide officials for clubs who contact us less than a week before the match.

We are not a Fast Response Team.  This applies irrespective of the cause or fault of any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.  Therefore checking our Fixtures list a week beforehand is important.

All of our service users need to comply with the Appointments & Development Policy.

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