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League Handbook

  1. All clubs must register their team(s) with the League and with Basketball England, with the appropriate fees, by the set date in order to play in this competition.  There is no maximum number of participants that can be registered per team. 

  2. No clubs or individuals will be allowed to join the League without settling their accounts with this league or any other league within the national governing body, Basketball England. Unless determined otherwise, all clubs must settle their dues with the league prior to the start of the play-offs.

  3. Clubs will submit the following details:  full postal address (no PO box accepted), name of club secretary, list of players, coaches, team followers, and colours.

  4. Playing clubs will only be accepted after the set date at the league committee’s discretion, and in the best interest of the league.  Once clubs have been accepted, they will be liable to pay the full fee if they leave the competition(s).

  5. All clubs wishing to change their name must submit their proposed name to the secretary for approval by the league committee.  Players may change clubs providing that they inform the secretary with at least two weeks notice.  Players are not allowed to change more than once in the season.

  6. There are no age or nationality restrictions on players and coaches.  Priority is given to the youth, ethnic minorities and newly registered players with the league.

  7. All teams must have a nominated club secretary and a coach.  They can be the same person.

  8. All participants (players, coaches and team followers) must present a valid Basketball England registration card to the court supervisor or commissioner in order to participate in the competition.  The registration card must be valid for the club they are competing with.  The only accepted alternative is an email from the league registrar allowing that individual to participate in that weekend.  

  1. The league will organise the competition, provide fixtures and appointments.  Once the League uploads the appointments and fixtures, all the games are confirmed.  

  2. Teams will play each other twice in the league tournament.  The league committee may decide to alter this format, and organise a knock-out cup tournament.  Participation in the cup tournament is mandatory. 

  3. If there is more than one division in any category, the teams that finish in the bottom two places of Division One will be related to Division Two.

  4. The court shall be available for both teams and officials at least fifteen (15) minutes before the official tip-off, unless the court supervisor decides to shorten this time.

  5. Games will be played according FIBA and Basketball England rules and regulations, unless stated in this handbook, or further instructions from the technical secretary and/or court supervisor.  All participants must have their registration cards on the table for the duration of the fixture.

  6. The league will keep a £70 goodwill deposit from each team that will be returned at the end of the summer season, unless this amount had been forfeited.  The league reserves the right to penalise teams for losing a game by forfeit, disqualifications, incidents, ineligible players, etc.  

  7. Dispute of discrepancies is to be dealt with by the organizers at the appropriate time.  Organizers’ decisions can be appealed.  This does not affect table officials and/or referee's duties and responsibilities, and the role of the court supervisor. In appealing, club secretaries will follow the same process as ‘Sign Under Protest’ below. 

  8. Uniforms.  Shirts and shorts must have plain numbers of solid colour contrasting with the colour of the shirt.  It should be numbered at least 20 cm. high.  Each team are required a dark and a clear colour top to avoid colour clash.  Players are not allowed to wear any kind of jewellery or objects that can cause an injury.

  9. The league will play all its games in one division; the top 4 teams will play the play-offs.   The league may change this format if necessary.

  10. Participating teams will pose with the sponsor’s logo when required and will have photos or video clips taken if they are participating in a league competition.

  11. The League is not responsible for any injury or theft that may occur while practising basketball in our premises.  Clubs are responsible for their First Aid during their games unless informed otherwise.



  1. The league will deal with complaints that might have caused a team to be in disadvantage such as late arrival of officials, defaulted equipment, incidents, etc.  Teams are invited to contact the league and negotiate the presence of independent commissioners.

  2. Sign Under Protest.  Clubs that want to protest the result of a game need to follow this procedure.  The captain must inform of their protest to the senior league representative in the game before the scoresheet is signed by the referee.  The senior league representative on court will be the referee/crew chief, unless there is an appointed commissioner or court supervisor present.

  3. The protesting team(s) must submit a full detailed written report to the league in the first twenty four (24) hours after the incident and a £50 deposit (cash or cheque made payable to the London Amateur Basketball League).  The team will forfeit this payment if its protest is not sustained.  

  4. It is a disciplinary offence to approach the referees, and/or table officials after the game or make derogatory comments about them or any league official (court supervisors, league committee members, etc) on websites or online forums.

  5. The Disciplinary Officer.  Their role is to receive the reports from the relevant parties (referee, table officials, commissioners, club secretaries and court supervisor) regarding a disciplinary incident only in the 48 hours following the incident.  They will make the decision regarding that incident in regards to fines and suspensions in accordance with the league Disciplinary Handbook 

  6. The Appeals Officer.  Their role will be limited to ensure that League officials have applied league regulations within the spirit of the basketball rules, and have acted fairly. The Appeals Officer will carry out their functions in accordance with the league Disciplinary Handbook.


  1. Fixtures may not be cancelled or postponed unless there is exceptionally inclement weather, transport strike or circumstances out of the participants’ control.  Play-off and cup fixtures cannot be postponed once published.  

  2. Any team that considers they have grounds for postponement must get permission from the league secretary.  The Club Secretary will inform the league secretary (in his absence, the vice-secretary) of any postponement with at least two (2) weeks notice.  The communication about a postponement can be verbal but must be confirmed in writing (email or letter).  Failure to comply with this policy will incur in a fine of £50 per fixture and re-arranging costs.

  3. The requesting club must re-arrange the game within fourteen days of the original date and inform the league secretary of the new date.  The league may charge the requesting club court booking and officiating fees.

  4. The decision to suspend or not to initiate a game relies on the Referee/Crew Chief only, as per FIBA regulations.  League officials may decide to suspend or not to initiate a game if the decision is in the best interest of the league.

  5. The league will impose fines to teams for the following

    • Losing a game by forfeit (i.e. arriving more than 15 minutes to a scheduled tip-off, failing to have 5 eligible players or not turning up at all).  The team responsible will pay the referees and table officials’ fees from its deposit or a £50 fine, whichever is the highest.

    • A team will be expelled from the competition once they have forfeited three games during the season.  The team will be liable to pay the full league fee and fines regardless of the number of games they have played.  

    • Each disqualification or disciplinary incident (pre-game, post-game) will be dealt with according to the current Disciplinary Handbook.  

    • Each player not wearing a matching uniform as per League rules, £10 per player and match.

    • Each player, coach or official who requests a second registration card in the season, £10 per card.  

  6. All communication between the league and the clubs will be between the league secretary and the club secretary.  The league website and email are the preferred mean of communication to send fixtures, updates or any official message.

  7. The League has a zero tolerance policy towards verbal, physical, racist or homophobic abuse or threats of any kind towards anybody participating in the game or any other kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour.  Acts of racial, physical, homophobic assault/insult or threats will result in the perpetrator(s) being banned from all competitions for the whole season at least.  

  8. Any club that withdraws from the league will be liable to pay the full fee and any other fee or fine that may apply.  



  1. Contact Person. You will be our point of contact; we will inform you of fixtures, appointments, and any other relevant information. You will need to have access to an email account and use of a mobile telephone. You are responsible for the management of your email account.

  2. Postponements. You will inform the League in writing about any postponements with at least two (2) weeks notice.

  3. Registration. The club secretary will send the club, players and coach(es) registration forms properly filled in and payment of the appropriate fees to the League.  They will inform the league of the players’ registration numbers if they had been registered in a different competition prior to the start of the player’s involvement in a game.

  4. AGM. The club secretary or its representative is entitled to attend the AGM of the League. The club secretary represents their club and can speak, present motions in writing and vote on their behalf. A minimum of fourteen (14) days notice is expected to present motions to the League.

  5. Discipline. The club secretary will be informed of any disciplinary issue regarding their club. The club secretary may be asked for a report of their version of the facts under investigation.

  6. Clubs will have their own disciplinary procedures and policies as per Basketball England guidance (Child Protection Policy).  This is a mandatory if the club has registered u-18 participants. 

  7. On the day of the game, at least 10 minutes before tip-off, the coach or club secretary or their representative shall give the list of players to the table officials.


This list of duties is not a complete one. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt. Unless it is clearly specified in this handbook, the London Amateur Basketball League will apply FIBA and Basketball England rules & regulations. Participation in this competition implies that a club and its players do agree to these terms and conditions mentioned above.


The League will be successful if all teams, committee members and officials have good communication skills and follow the guidance and advice in this handbook.


All correspondence to be sent to the League Secretary on 


Last updated on 31st August 2017.  

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