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Basketball Players

Licensing & Registration

We operate a strict licensing policy which ensures all clubs, team personnel and officials who operate under LABL are fully registered and licensed with Basketball England.

We perform our own checks with Basketball England for each new official, league player or new team that participates in LABL. This means that we are unable to allow exceptions to this rule. As a league, we have duty to ensure that our officials are registered with us and licensed with Basketball England. Similarly, clubs have a duty to ensure that they are registered with their respective league and have registered their team with Basketball England. 

Those who are not licensed by Basketball England do not have any personal liability insurance cover which means that in the event of injury, the injured party may find it difficult to obtain legal compensatory recourse from the uninsured person who caused the injury. Furthermore, it is not possible to track unlicensed officials or team personnel following disciplinary or other proceedings, which means there may well be legitimate and proper reasons for an unlicensed person not to participate in a game which could put other game participants at risk.

Our Policy

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